dj-stoke-pogesNot many people get to do what they love for a living. This is especially true with the current economy and how many people are just getting by. But for the past two years, I’ve been a local DJ here in Stoke Poges. Keep reading to learn more about what my average day looks like and how I do it.

Stoke Poges

If you’re not familiar with Stoke Poges, it’s located in the South, about three miles from Slough and just to the east of Farnham. The population is only about 5,000 people, but we still have a pretty good nightlife. Aside from the bars and clubs, you can always find a party to attend at someone’s flat. It also helps that we have so many larger cities in the area.


I’ve been DJing since I was a teenager. Thanks to influences like The Streets and American hip hop, I began spinning just before high school. Obviously, my mates would volunteer me to handle the music at all our parties.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with all kinds of setups. It used to change with what I was trying to accomplish, musically. Obviously, if you’re trying to spin electro, you’re going to need different hardware than if you’re into the garage sound.

Nowadays, though, I’m glad to say I rely on my laptop and a quality pair of headphones. It’s really pretty amazing that that’s about all it takes to get the job done. So long as the place I’m playing has some nice big speakers for me to connect to, headphones and my laptop are just about all I need. Of course it helps to have some good software too, you can check out some of the best DJ software at TopDJTools.

Transitioning into DJing as a Job

When I first decided to DJ fulltime, I tried just approaching clubs in Stoke Poge, Slough and Farnham. None of them were too interested in hearing from me without a demo though. You need to understand that countless lads have decided they’re now DJs in recent years, so I was far from the only one volunteering for an open spot.

So I set out to make a demo first, but that’s not actually how I broke in. It was playing local parties, just like I did in high school that eventually gave me my break. People would chat me up on social media, sometimes just referencing me as part of the prior evening’s festivities and eventually club owners became interested.

It started slow, of course. After my first gig, it was probably two weeks before I played again. But as time went on and I built a following, club owners and party throwers realized they could use me to market their events. Since then I’ve been able to make a living doing what I love.

The Proper Equipment

One huge difference maker in my story is the right equipment. Nowadays you can get away with just a laptop, but without the headphones you need to properly hear the music you’re playing, you’ll never get the results you want. So it’s worth spending money on quality there.

messenger-laptop-bagI never really needed a bag for commuting in the past, mostly because my early jobs were relatively close to home. However, after my last promotion my daily commute grew considerably – and I discovered that I need a proper backpack to carry all of my belongings, my work documents, and other details as well.

The search was on for the highest quality commuting bag I could find, and boy would I be surprised at how much I learned about the options available out there today!

Hopefully the “inside information” you’ll find below helps you choose the ultimate bag for commuting, similar to the one that I now have!

What exactly are you going to be carrying with you?

The first bit of advice that I received when looking for a new commuting bag was to determine everything that I would be carrying with me on my commute on a daily basis, and then factor in a bit of extra “fudge space” so that I could have the flexibility I needed to feel confident with my purchase.

I knew that I was going to be carrying my laptop, my power cord for that laptop, my cell phone, and a handful of other key pieces of electronics, as well as a whole host of work documents. On top of that, from time to time I need to bring in a change of clothes so that I could go from work to socializing without having to pop back home.

They actually now have many specialised backpacks designed just for carrying your notebook. To see the best laptop backpacks and read some reviews check out

How long is your commute?

The second bit of advice I received was to figure out exactly how long my commute was, so that I could figure out just how comfortable of a bag I needed.

Interestingly enough, a lot of people that I asked for advice told me that they had relatively short commutes so they weren’t too worried about the comfort level of their bags over the long haul.

However, since my commute was going to be a little bit longer than most, I needed a bag that was going to evenly distribute weight and be comfortable for at least an hour every day when fully loaded.

This led me directly to the traditional messenger bag and a number of bicycle bag options. Each of those form factors are designed specifically to distribute weight for commuters evenly across the body, and are infinitely comfortable even after tremendously long periods of time.

What kind of weather conditions are you going to encounter along your trip?

Finally, I knew that most of my commute was going to be undercover and out of the weather, but some of it was going to put me squarely at odds with the rain, wind, and other nasty English weather conditions.

Waterproofing was important (though I never expected or anticipated to take this commuter bag scuba diving), and I was hoping to find a natural material like leather that would propel water without too many toxic chemical treatments.

I ended up going with a leather messenger bag with more than enough space for my laptop and everything else I need to carry on my commute, and could not have been happier with my decision.

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